Meet Our Team

Our talent is made up of some of the sharpest minds in healthcare, business, and technology who share our values of quality, empathy, integrity, collaboration, and accountability.

Our Leadership Team

Vincent Bradley
Chief Executive Officer

Chika Duru
General Counsel

Angela Wayne
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Jo’Ann Jackson
Regional CMO, Mid-Atlantic

Dr. Michael Schifano
Regional CMO, Midwest

Dr. Jo’Ann Jackson
Regional CMO, Mid-Atlantic

Dr. Michael Schifano
Regional CMO, Midwest

Clinical & Operations

Robert Gotzmann

VP, Operations – Mid-Atlantic

Gina Lyons

VP, Operations – Midwest

Matt Steele

Director of Information Technology

Debbie Regalario

Athena Administrator

Ashley Graham

Director of Compliance and Risk


Abigail Trotter

Senior Accountant


Christine Woods

Accounting Assistant


Diana Reynolds


Fernando Escovar

Director, FP&A


Franccesca Fernandini-Huajardo

Accounting Manager

Sharalyn Thompson

Senior Accountant

People and Workplace

Rhonda Barnard

Midwest Lead – People

Heather Wyckoff

Senior Director, People Operations

Jen Caballero

Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Damia Murphy

People Operations Specialist

Devan Selvey

Office Manager

Tori Dodson

Credentialing Manager

April York

Credentialing Specialist

Sarah Rowland

Director of Talent Acquisition

Elizabeth Cardozo

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Melissa Coeling

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Phenicia Taylor

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Monica VanOmmeren

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Marketing & Design

Courtney Beglin

Creative Director

Jen Jones

Marketing Director

Julia Reid



Meet the team behind Pacify, our telehealth app for new and expecting parents

diverse group of coworkers discussing ideas

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This commitment is integral to all facets of women’s health, and essential to our mission of transforming healthcare for all women. We believe strongly in unbiased care and health equity, and we must create and cultivate safe and inclusive environments for our team members driving this mission.

Board of Directors

Vincent Bradley

Sean Glass

Bede Broome

Leslie Henshaw

Karen Teitelbaum

Mary Langowski

Richard Foster

Gilan Megeed

Dr. Peter Glass

Jim Pieri

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