Will my partner feel my IUD during sex?

Many people worry if their partner will feel the IUD during sex when considering it as a birth control option. We talk with Dr. Ann Jacob from Reiter, Hill & Johnson of Advantia to address and provide insight on this common concern.

Understanding IUDs and Partner Sensation

Dr. Jacob states that if a partner puts in an IUD correctly, they are unlikely to feel it during sex. One key factor in this is the length of the IUD strings.

Cutting the strings of the IUD to the right length is important. This is usually just past the cervix. It can make it harder for your partner to feel during sex.

Importance of Proper IUD Placement

A crucial aspect to ensure your partner doesn’t feel the IUD is the correct placement of the device. A trained healthcare provider should place an IUD to make sure it stays securely in the uterus. Proper placement also helps in reducing the possibility of discomfort or sensation for both you and your partner.

Tailored Assistance from Advantia Health Providers

Advantia Health providers can answer any questions about your IUD, including concerns about your partner feeling it during sex. They can offer personalized guidance and address any worries you might have. These providers dedicate themselves to ensuring that your choice of birth control aligns with your needs and preferences.

Clearing Misconceptions and Providing Reassurance

Not uncommon for individuals to have concerns about IUDs affecting sexual experiences. Dr. Jacob underlines the importance of open communication with your healthcare provider to address any pre-existing worries. With the right information, you can feel more confident and reassured about this form of birth control.


Correctly placing the IUD and trimming the strings ensures your partner won’t feel it during sex. The IUD should be in the right position and the strings should be the right length for this to happen.

If you have more questions about your IUD or reproductive health, contact the caring providers at Advantia Health. Dr. Ann Jacob and her team can help you make good choices for your health. They offer support and information to improve your well-being.

If you have further questions or wish to schedule a visit, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our providers near you.