Should I see an OBGYN if I’m not sexually active?

Dr. Shivani Patel from Liv by Advantia Health discusses why everyone should see an OBGYN. Even if you’re not sexually active, building a relationship with your gynecologist is a good idea. Her reasons include important preventative care and feeling empowered about your reproductive and sexual health.

Our providers understand the significance of providing young women with the necessary information for their reproductive health. As a young woman, you might be curious about visiting an OBGYN, especially if you’re not sexually active. A common misconception is that gynecology (gyn) visits are solely for those who are sexually active. Seeing an OBGYN regularly for reproductive health is important, even if you’re not sexually active.

What is adolescent OBGYN?

Adolescent OBGYN care is crucial for teaching young women about their reproductive health, including pediatric gynecology. Regular visits to a women’s health provider offer more than just basic care. They provide an opportunity to understand your body, address concerns early, and receive guidance on reproductive and overall health.

Therefore, we aim to empower them by equipping them with the knowledge they require to take care of themselves. Our experts can discuss important topics such as birth control, cervical cancer screenings, and menstrual symptoms. These symptoms may include neck pain, constipation, and pelvic pain during periods.

What about other issues, like PCOS?

We are committed to offering compassionate and comprehensive medical care for children and teenagers, encompassing pediatric gynecology and reproductive health. We know that problems like painful periods, PCOS, and tiredness can greatly affect a woman’s life. Our team is prepared to discuss the menstrual cycle and specifically address how to manage PCOS and associated exhaustion.

Regarding PCOS, many young women seek answers about managing the fatigue linked to this condition. Our experts can talk in detail about different treatments for PCOS-related tiredness. We help women with PCOS manage their fatigue through lifestyle changes, diet, and medication.

Pediatric OBGYN near me

Young women need to find a nearby OBGYN for guidance on reproductive and overall health. Young women need access to comprehensive care for their reproductive health, even if they are not sexually active.

This is important because their well-being should not be dependent on their current sexual activity. They should have access to services such as screenings, contraception, and education about their reproductive health. This will empower them to make informed decisions about their bodies and ensure their overall well-being.

We are here to help women with their reproductive health. Our practices offer screenings for cervical cancer and can help with issues like painful periods, constipation, or pelvic pain. We want to make a friendly and helpful place for our patients, so they get the care and help they need. Your reproductive health is important to us, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

If you have further questions or wish to schedule a visit, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our providers near you.