Exercising Safely During Pregnancy: Your Guide to a Healthy Journey

Pregnancy is a transformative and exciting time in a woman’s life, but it also brings unique challenges. One question that often arises is whether exercise is safe during pregnancy. To shed light on this topic, we spoke with Dr. Amanda Onyewuenyi, MD, an Ob-Gyn at Reiter Hill & Johnson of Advantia.

Dr. Onyewuenyi emphasizes that exercising during pregnancy can be beneficial for both the mother and the baby, but it must be done with caution and under guidance. She suggests starting with low-impact activities like walking, swimming, or prenatal yoga. These exercises help improve cardiovascular health, reduce pregnancy discomfort, and boost overall well-being.

However, it’s crucial to avoid activities with a high risk of falling or trauma. She cautions against contact sports, intense weightlifting, and activities that involve balance challenges. Strenuous exercises can lead to compromised blood flow and oxygen supply to the baby.

Listening to your body is key. As your pregnancy progresses, modifications may be necessary. Dr. Onyewuenyi recommends paying attention to any warning signs such as dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, vaginal bleeding, or contractions. If any of these occur, it’s important to stop exercising immediately and consult your healthcare provider.

Consulting with a healthcare professional is vital before starting any exercise routine during pregnancy. With guidance from healthcare providers like Dr. Amanda Onyewuenyi, MD, you can embark on a healthy and enjoyable fitness journey throughout this remarkable chapter of your life.