Postcard with info on Tinyhood, a pregnancy, postpartum, and baby parenting resource.

“As an OB and a mom myself, I know it can be so easy for parents to get childbirth and parenting information from places like TikTok, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest. It will be so helpful for my patients to know that they can now get their education from Tinyhood’s online classes. It is not only a trusted, vetted resource – the on-demand video format allows them to get information designed for how our patients want to learn. It is a wonderful resource.”

Sheetal J. Dedania, MD (and mom), Reiter, Hill & Johnson of Advantia

Along with the joy and excitement of pregnancy, you may sometimes feel anxious or uncertain about what to expect during pregnancy, postpartum, and your baby’s first years. But what if there was an all-in-one resource that offered what you need to feel informed, empowered, and supported throughout your journey? At Advantia Health, we believe you should have a comprehensive, reliable resource to guide you through pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting your baby. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tinyhood, who is reimagining parenting education with unlimited on-demand video classes taught by leading experts for every step of the parenting journey. Advantia obstetric patients now get a 1-month free membership to Tinyhood. This article answers nine questions to help you understand how to empower yourself with Tinyhood’s educational resources. The gift will be provided at your anatomy scan appointment.


1. What is included in a Tinyhood membership?

Parents can learn everything they need to know – and what others wish they had known – about pregnancy to childbirth, postpartum to breastfeeding, safety and CPR, introducing solids, sleep, and more. Classes are broken into bite-sized video lessons that are easy to refer back to, along with downloadable handouts and checklists. All Tinyhood members get:

  • Unlimited access to on-demand classes
  • Instruction from leading certified experts with years of experience in their fields
  • Downloadable class handouts and checklists

“Tinyhood is a one-stop shop with small snippets of videos of the core things every parent is trying to figure out daily. We need these core things to help care for our babies. It is a great resource for partners to be helpful, too.”

Sheetal J. Dedania, MD (and mom), Reiter, Hill & Johnson of Advantia

2. How Can Tinyhood Help You?

Tinyhood can smooth your journey while pregnant, postpartum, and beyond. It is accessible on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, making it a convenient guide you can use anytime, anywhere. Tinyhood bookmarks where you stop watching a video, so you can return at your convenience and continue the class. You will have access to loads of learn-at-your-pace content in these formats:

  • Professional videos from certified experts
  • Downloadable fact sheets and checklists
  • Live, virtual support groups led by certified facilitators

3. What Topics Does Tinyhood Cover?

Tinyhood’s videos and downloadable guides cover almost everything you need to know, from expecting a baby until your little one becomes a toddler. Topics are grouped into easy-to-navigate collections and include the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Labor & Birth
  • Baby Care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum
  • Safe Sleep
  • Safety & CPR
  • Maternal mental health
  • …and more

Keep reading for an overview of how you can benefit from each collection and its videos.

4. What Can You Expect with Childbirth and Newborn Care?

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you already have children, each pregnancy, childbirth, and child’s behavior is unique. Dr. Sheetal Dedania and the Reiter, Hill & Johnson team recognize that first-time moms who understand what to expect during labor and birth feel more prepared for the experience. Also, anticipating the mental, physical, and emotional challenges of caring for a newborn can help you manage multi-faceted stress and anxiety. You will find answers to commonly asked pregnancy and baby care questions in Tinyhood’s Expecting Collection in detailed video classes and fact sheets.

Empowering Video Topics in The Expecting Collection

Choose topics like these in the collection:

  • Childbirth: The Ultimate Guide to Labor and Delivery
  • Postpartum: Physical Recovery and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Newborn Sleep: A Guide to the First 12 Weeks
  • Baby Care Basics: Diapering, Baths, Nail Trimming & More

“Childbirth can be scary, but having Tinyhood as a resource will make our patients feel better prepared. And, having a well-informed patient makes us understand where they’re coming from when they refuse or decline certain interventions.  It helps us take care of our patients better. That is why high-quality maternal education is so important.”

Sheetal J. Dedania, MD (and mom), Reiter, Hill & Johnson of Advantia

5. How Can You Protect Your Postpartum Well-Being?

About one in eight women experience postpartum depression. According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, symptoms of postpartum depression most often begin one to three weeks after childbirth but can occur up to a year afterward. Tinyhood helps you identify postpartum symptoms, manage your well-being, and nurture your relationship with your partner.

Practical Video Topics for Postpartum Well-Being

Get insight into your emotions and effective strategies for managing them by watching videos like the following:

  • Navigating Your Emotions and Postpartum Identity
  • Relationships Post-Baby: Reconnecting Emotionally and Physically
  • The Mental Load of Parenting: Why It Happens & How to Manage It

“Once my patients have their baby, it is so helpful for them to be able to watch Tinyhood’s two-three minute videos to – for example –  recognize the signs of postpartum depression.  Bringing self-awareness to patients of what they are going through helps them know when to reach out to us.”

Sheetal J. Dedania, MD (and mom), Reiter, Hill & Johnson of Advantia

6. How Can You Breastfeed Successfully?

Misconceptions or misinformation about breastfeeding flood social media platforms, causing unwarranted fears or anxiety. Breastfeeding moms may ask, “Why do I overproduce breast milk?” or “Why don’t I have a freezer full of breast milk available for my baby?” Tinyhood’s Breastfeeding Collection experts cut through the clutter and clarify what you can expect.

Valuable Video Topics in The Breastfeeding Collection

You can get helpful breastfeeding tips and peace of mind from informative videos like these:

  • Breastfeeding Beginnings: What to Expect in the First 30 Days
  • Common Breastfeeding Challenges
  • How to Tell If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk
  • Pumping and Building a Stash
  • How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

7. How Can You Nurture Your Baby Through the First Years?

Every mom wants to know how to care for their baby healthily. Understanding when to alter your baby’s diet, how to manage emergencies, or how to communicate with your baby nurtures their growth and your joy as a parent. Tinyhood’s Baby Collection can help you care for your baby more confidently.

Engaging Video Topics in The Baby Collection

Feel more confident about your baby care skills by downloading guide sheets or watching instructional videos, including the following:

  • Infant and Child CPR & Choking (0-12 Years)
  • Introducing Solids: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started
  • Common Illnesses in Babies: What to Know About Ear Infections, the Flu, RSV, and More
  • Baby Sign: How to Support Your Baby’s Communication Skills

8. How Can You Navigate a Toddler’s Behavior, Sleep Habits, and Potty Training?

As your child’s personality blossoms and their mobility accelerates, you will seek answers to questions such as these: How do you manage a toddler’s tantrums or power struggles? What are the best potty training methods? And how should you react if your child has a medical emergency? You can skip trial and error and turn to Tinyhood’s Toddler Collection for accurate advice.

Insightful Video Topics in The Toddler Collection

Learn how to understand your toddler’s behavior and communicate with them in ways they comprehend with helpful topics like these:

  • Toddler Behavior: Tantrums, Hitting, Power Struggles & More
  • Toddler Sleep Training, Regressions, and Troubleshooting
  • Potty Training: The Stress-Free Guide to Success
  • Toddler Nutrition: Introducing Flavors & Textures, Mealtime Misbehaviors and More

Although most of your focus after childbirth will be on helping your baby thrive, your well-being matters, too. As the next section highlights, self-care is essential for staying emotionally and physically healthy.

9. How Much Does Tinyhood Cost?

The first month of Tinyhood is free for Advantia Health’s obstetric patients. Consider signing up for a free trial when you know you will have time to maximize your use of Tinyhood and see how it works. After the free trial, you may subscribe to a Tinyhood monthly, quarterly, or annual plan. See the subscribe page on Tinyhood’s website for current rates. If you are not an obstetrics patient but have young children, we encourage you to browse Tinyhood’s classes to see how they can help your family thrive.


Advantia Health partners with Tinyhood and offers a free month of access to our obstetrics patients. The gift will be provided at your anatomy scan appointment. Tinyhood is a one-stop resource with educational videos and downloadable guides about pregnancy, postpartum well-being, and caring for your baby and toddler. Take advantage of the free trial to see how Tinyhood can help smooth your journey through pregnancy and parenthood.

NOTE: Advantia Health and our practices are not responsible for any ongoing charges from Tinyhood beyond the free month of service.