Arlington, VA (August 19, 2019) – Today, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lisa Shah released the following statement on behalf of Advantia Health:

“Advantia Health is thrilled to celebrate National Breastfeeding Month 2019. This year’s theme, ‘Support Changes Everything,’ couldn’t be more appropriate and necessary.  

“As a pediatrician, primary care physician, and mother of three, I can truly appreciate both the difficulties and benefits of breastfeeding. It is well known that breastfeeding has health benefits for both infants and mothers. However, my own personal experience breastfeeding my three children was challenging- in ways I had never imagined. Support during these “new parent moments” can make all the difference, especially in the middle of the night.   

“As Chief Medical Officer of Advantia, I am proud we are joining the call to build a more supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers. At Advantia we are furthering our mission to truly change healthcare by offering comprehensive, coordinated care that integrates OB-GYN services, post-partum services, mental health, and primary care to women wherever they are and whenever they need it. One way we do this is through the Pacify app. Pacify gives women on-demand, 24/7, video-enabled, unlimited access to a nationwide network of maternal and pediatric specialists ready to provide expert advice on breastfeeding and a range of other topics. Pacify has already helped women across the country achieve higher rates of breastfeeding initiation and duration.”

For National Breastfeeding Month, Advantia and Pacify are offering a special 3-month, reduced price gift subscription and individual subscription to the Pacify app to help new moms receive on-demand, high quality, empathic support for both baby and mother. Use promo code NBM2019 to access this special price today.

About Dr. Lisa Shah

Dr. Lisa Shah is the Chief Medical Officer of Advantia Health. Dr. Shah is committed to improving health for women and their families, through reimagining women’s healthcare.  Her experience in building interdisciplinary teams to deliver more comprehensive and efficient care to the right person in the right place at the right time has supported care redesign efforts across multiple areas of healthcare. Dr. Shah received her Bachelor’s degree from Duke University, her medical doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, and completed an internal medicine and pediatrics residency at the University of Chicago. She is a passionate advocate for women, empowering their decision-making as they navigate healthcare for themselves and those they love. In addition to her role at Advantia Health, she practices primary care within the Advantia healthcare network.


Advantia is transforming healthcare for all women – we’re setting a higher standard of care and convenience while reducing unnecessary costs. Compassion and value inspire everything we do. We take time to listen, answer questions completely, and offer helpful technology between visits so that our patients are empowered and at ease. Alongside coordinated care, Advantia is pioneering care models that align incentives with the best interests of women and their families. 

Advantia is expanding quickly through organic growth and acquisitions. We provide direct care through Advantia Health, with more than 200 providers across 60 locations serving over 430,000 patients at our Women’s Health Hubs and coordinated specialist offices. Our Health Hubs integrate OB-GYN services, mental health, and primary care, ensuring every woman’s health needs are met through quality providers she knows and trusts in one convenient location. Advantia also enables health plans, state health organizations, hospital systems, and employers to deliver high-value care through Advantia Solutions, with technology products such as Pacify’s perinatal app.  

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