Using cutting-edge technology Contained Tissue Extraction System to replace many open hysterectomy and myomectomy surgeries.


Dr. James Barter recently performed a pioneering morcellation procedure at the Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, as part of his ongoing research to significantly improve safety and effectiveness of these surgical procedures for women.

Women develop growths in their uterus, many of which need removal. The mechanical Morcellator was developed to facilitate the removal of these uterine growths. As the procedure gained popularity, it was discovered that, a Morcellator could risk spreading fluids within the abdominal cavity. This stopped the use of Morcellator for these procedures. A new procedure using the Contained Tissue Extraction (CTE) System helped to contain any spillage into the abdomen. This procedure was successfully performed this summer by Advantia Health’s surgeon Dr. James Barter.

Dr. Barter completed an intra-corporeal, in-bag, non-dispersive contained mechanical morcellation of uterine tissue using the Contained Tissue Extraction (CTE) System. The system combines the next-generation PK Morcellator with high-performance PneumoLiner containment device. Through this and similar initiatives, Advantia Health continues to focus on advanced research and cutting-edge technologies that expand lower-risk options for women’s health-care.

“I am delighted that we were able to successfully perform a contained mechanical morcellation at Holy Cross Hospital using the Pneumoliner,” explains Dr. Barter. “This was the first time at Holy Cross Hospital we were able to do a mechanical Morcellation since the original FDA alert in April 2014, which is a huge step for woman’s health-care.”

“This pioneering research in minimally invasive procedures is just one example of how Advantia Health is redefining healthcare for women,” says Dr. Peter Glass, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Advantia Health. “We’re putting the most advanced technologies into the hands of the most skilled laparoscopic surgeons.”

Advantia Health’s intense focus on quality performance, leading technologies, and women’s health research is reaping measurable results. For instance, Advantia Health is beating market standards through demonstrably high-performance quality indicators such as C-sections rates that are below the national average.

Advantia Health recently entered into a partnership with Elligo Health Research ( to expand clinical research as a quality care option throughout Advantia Health’s practices. The partnership will improve clinical research access by engaging the 97% of physicians that were previously not offering clinical research to their patients. These patients will now have access to state-of-the-art treatments closer to home and remaining under the care of their trusted physician.

Advantia Health is establishing a leadership position in women’s health across the Mid-Atlantic Region. Advantia Health now comprises 130 total providers serving more than 200,000 women and their families across Maryland and Virginia. Advantia is updating services at all of its locations to include mental health, wellness and expanded in-office testing and diagnostics. In addition, Advantia strives to provide every patient with easier access to online booking, telemedicine ordering, and more robust care coordination.

Originally posted on PRNewswire.