Washington’s 100 Top Tech Leaders; Our ranking of local tech titans


We are excited to share that our Founder & CEO, Sean Glass, has been named a 2015 Washington 100 Top Tech Leaders by Washingtonian Magazine. Congratulations, Sean!

From Washingtonian:

“Every two years, Washingtonian compiles a list of the most influential and exciting people in the local technology scene. It’s a snapshot of a sector that’s seemingly always in the midst of rapid change as our devices get smarter, start-ups get leaner, and the world becomes more connected.

“But perhaps no Tech Titans roster has ever seen as much transformation as this year’s. Since 2013, the local scene has exploded, bringing deep reservoirs of talent to the region in an effort boosters hope will create a Silicon Valley on the Potomac. It’s a significant shift from just over a decade ago, when big legacy corporations like AOL and MicroStrategy dominated. Now midlevel executives from those firms are starting their own companies. Public-sector workers and federal contractors, faced with sequestration, are striking out on their own. Even a start-up now considered past its prime — LivingSocial — was instrumental in this influx, with former employees shifting around, developing new businesses and ideas.

Originally posted in The Washingtonian.