Fran Wingerter

Fran Wingerter serves as Regional VP of Practice Management at Advantia Health. Fran has built a 20-year career on a strong commitment to healthcare operations management and the strategic implementation of programs that help both the organization and the patient. As an experienced healthcare professional with expertise in relationship and team building, her strong skill set and commitment have allowed her to affect positive, measurable change for facilities and clients in the areas of business development, strategic planning, and program implementation.

Her time spent in healthcare consulting and in administrative and executive leadership positions, have provided her with an understanding and appreciation for the challenges facing providers in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment. Physicians and providers cognizant of both their desire to sustain their business models while providing the highest levels of care, have benefited from Fran’s agility to aggregate disparate processes and protocols into cohesive programs. Utilizing technological advances, analytics, and best practices, Fran has championed effective strategic initiatives and growth strategies. These strategies have made a significant difference for practices as wide and diverse as Primary Care, Oncology, and women’s health.

Fran’s qualifications and background include Directorships with George Washington University Medical Center and US Oncology, where she had introduced platforms for process implementation and integration. Fran provides her business acumen, nationally, to Women’s Health initiatives and serves in an advisory capacity to area healthcare non-profits.