Nihar Ganju, MD, FACOG

Phone: (301) 681-6772

Dr. Ganju was born and raised in India and Miami, Florida. He came to Washington, DC for residency training and has loved living in the DC metro area. He enjoys the vibrancy and diversity of the community and wants to continue to serve this community. Dr. Ganju is interested in finding ways to better serve and communicate with his patients using digital technology.

Dr. Ganju is also the Director of Digital Health at Advantia Health. He leads digital health strategy, developing and executing clinical utilization of novel digital health processes, and developing business plans of new models of care at the intersection of medicine and technology. He brings a unique combination of technology and clinical expertise. After earning a computer science degree from Johns Hopkins University, he worked in the technology industry before entering medical school at Florida State University. He then completed his residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at George Washington University.

Dr. Ganju completed a Fellowship in Digital Health where he performed clinical duties while engaging in clinical research, publications, and presentations on digital innovation in women’s health. He also established THINK, a collaborative think-tank of clinicians, researchers, and entrepreneurs exploring transformative digital technologies in women’s health. In this role, he identified and devised a guidance framework for physicians to understand and engage the researchers and startup entrepreneurs developing mobile/digital technology including apps and wearables.

Dr. Ganju is a member of the ACOG Taskforce on Telemedicine, a junior fellow of ACOG, and a clinical faculty member at the George Washington University.

Specialty: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Digital Health
Interests: Minimally invasive surgery, contraception (IUD, nexplanon, etc.), sexual health, preventative annual exam, pap smear management, abnormal uterine bleeding, prenatal care and obstetrics, digital health
Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University
Medical School: Florida State University
Residency: George Washington University; NYP-Lower Manhattan