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260+ telehealth companies to know | 2020

Advantia Health (Arlington, Va.). Pacify, which was acquired by Advantia Health in 2019, is a mobile platform that provides immediate support for new mothers. They can download the app and connect for video visits with nurses and other specialists, including lactation consultants, without the need to make appointments.

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Should I try to get pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic?

By now, we’ve all had plans—big and small—that were disrupted, changed or completely canceled by coronavirus: family visits, sporting events, concerts, conferences, work trips, vacations, weddings and even haircuts, to name a few. For many who had plans to start trying to get pregnant, the pandemic has brought a lot of concern and confusion.

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Should You Postpone Your OB/GYN Trip Due To Coronavirus?

When we first started cancelling plans due to coronavirus, we were optimistic. We thought we’d be taking rain checks soon enough. But with no clear end in sight, many of us are wondering what to do about more necessary appointments that aren’t so easy to skip or delay indefinitely. Like visits to the gynecologist.

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