Why join Advantia?


At Advantia, we share in your commitment to providing exceptional care. That’s why we only invite the very best to join us.

How are we different?

Advantia is different from other companies working with OB-GYNs and private equity firms. We invest in our providers, unlocking access to risk capital that helps you grow your business, along with adopting industry-leading technology that improves the lives of both your patients and your staff. We are constantly working on ways to increase productivity and profitability across the whole practice by streamlining your backend and reducing staff workload. We only invite practices that share our vision for delivering exceptional patient care on every level. And we practice what we preach. The first agenda item at every board meeting is assessing whether our high standards are being met on both quality and safety, and we have implemented a quality committee at every practice.



What are we looking for?

We are looking for first-class OB-GYN practices that put their patients first. As an OB-GYN, your patients trust you more than any other healthcare professional. It’s a relationship that can often last a lifetime. You’ve probably had times when you’ve been asked to act like a therapist, or given advice on primary care or helped your patient find a specialist. What if you could offer all of these services in your clinic, surrounded by first class medical professionals like yourself? What if you could provide health care where success is not based on the amount of services provided but by helping patients address lead healthier lives?


How do I reach out?


10 + 1 =

I've been a patient here for almost 5 years now and couldn't be happier! They are all so friendly, welcoming and truly care about your concerns. They continue to take wonderful care of me and answer all of my questions.

- Erin Caporellie

An appointment at Advantia Urogynecology is not just another doctor visit, it’s an experience. The atmosphere is friendly and uplifting providing the patient with a sense that they and their care are important.

- L Kitto

This is the best OB/GYN practice in this area. Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. The staff is very courteous they make you feel like family. Highly recommend them.

- Marise Edwards

Excellent OBGYN group. They take many forms of insurance and have a full service operation in-house, including blood work. Have always received excellent care.

- Rachel Golden Kroner

I have been coming to this office for more than 20 years. Have had a few medical issues over the years and you can not ask for better care. I trust them implicitly.

Patty Widerman

This is a very friendly office with professional and attentive doctors and staff. Everything was explained well and I was impressed with the follow up through their web-based program. Glad I made the choice to switch to this practice!

Dee Metz

The nurses and doctors are amazing and I have seen most of them as a second time mom-to-be. Always taking the time to be friendly, patient, informative and so reassuring. It's also a huge bonus to be able to get bloodwork and sonograms completed in the same office.

Michelle Gaske

Trusted. Experts. Treat me like a real person, not just rushing me in and out. These folks genuinely care about my wellbeing.

Gretchen Miller