Ob-Gyn Associates of Silver Spring, Maryland, has joined Advantia Health. Ob-Gyn Associates has been providing superb care for women in the Washington, DC metro area for over 50 years, offering patients a wide range of leading physicians with different genders, ages, experience, and backgrounds. Physicians at Ob-Gyn Associates have been named to Washingtonian’s Top Doctors list for the past several years. 

Ob-Gyn Associates also offers a number of on-site services that many practices are not able to offer, such as 3D/4D sonography, DEXA Scan, Urodynamics testing, and education services including childbirth, lactation, and nutrition classes, making the care experience more convenient and effective. The practice has offices in Silver Spring, Rockville, and Belstville, Maryland.

Ob-Gyn Associates’s website is located at: www.obgynsilverspring.com.