Advantia_NEXT Projects


Remote Visits

Not all questions and problems need an in-person visit. We are letting patients get in touch with their providers to be as easy as a text message.


Optimized Appointments

Significant time and health care dollars are wasted when patients are served in high-cost settings when their concern can be addressed at a convenient time and friendly settings. We are developing the technology that can help our patients make the right appointment with the right provider, in the right setting.  


Precision Prenatal Care

Emerging mobile/digital technology is transforming the field of obstetrics with new models of care. Women are increasingly using mobile apps to manage their pregnancies. Now new technologies allow physicians to use smartphone apps to provide precise care delivered to the right patient at the right time.


Precision Mental Health

We want mental health care to be accessible to everyone. We are aiming to universally screen every expecting mother for depression and other mental health problems. By using big-data algorithms we are helping patients get the right treatment with less trial & error.

Rethinking the EMR

Physicians's spend 2x time with an electronic health record than on their patients. We can do better by letting doctors do what they love to do best: communicate with their patients. We are reimagining the interface of the EMR so doctor's are spared excessive data entry tasks.